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NA-KD: Browse the latest fashion with mid-season 50% off sale

Na-kd was first founded in May 2015, in Sweden. It is an online platform for all your fashion needs which initially brought small business fashion brands online and united them under one website. Among the five founders of the brand, Jarno Vanhatapio formerly built several different e-commerce platforms. The company officially started its online business in December 2015.

Starting in January 2017, the brand started selling its fashion items through Sweden wholesalers, and since July 2017 they substantially expanded its business In Germany and sold items through German wholesalers. The first store was opened in September 2018 in a shopping center in Amstelveen. In the same year, it started the brand’s shop in shop and, pop-up shops around the country.

By the end of 2019, for the first time, the brand added several product lines, The makeup line was newly launched and added to the line.

Expanding its horizon, the brand combined second-hand fashion products on the website.

Na-kd collaborates with bloggers and influencers to produce a significant portion of the collections; in the past, this has included Caro Daur and Pamela Reif. Na-kd collaborates with smaller influencers and is highly active on social media and in influencer marketing. Gen Z and Y were the intended demographic for Na-kd’s 40 designs a day at the start of 2018. The People’s Republic of China and Turkey produced the majority of the extremely stylish own-brand products. Roughly fifteen percent of the products sold in the internet store were from other labels. The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden are the company’s top four markets, in that order. A market assessment revealed that the brand was the fashion entity with the greatest number of Instagram partnerships in the first half of 2022


Women’s Clothing

Find the latest fashion styles for women online, and discover every style for you on the site from casual clothing, and office wear to statement pieces for parties. The brand believes that fashion should be for everyone hence they have kept in mind the prices that they offer, you can find affordable clothing lines with a wide variety and discounts that you can’t ignore. Get your hands on mid-season sales of up to 50% on the website and if you subscribe to the newsletter, you can get an extra discount of 10% off.

Seasonal Clothing

You can easily find pieces and clothing for every season- winter warmer, autumn staples, spring blossoms, and summer florals. Find everything trendy and standout statement pieces for every season all around the year. Warm sweaters for the winter, airy outfits for a summer celebration, or a go-to pair of jeans for every season? Select from midi, maxi, or short-length skirts; pair them with tights; or discover the ideal business wear, such as fitting trousers, blazers, knit dresses, or the ideal pair of heels.

Influencer Collection

Shop your favorite fashion most wanted pieces from the best influencers’ collaborations like Lojsan Wallin, Poalo Cossentino, Josefine HJ, Amanda MPN, and Sophie Murray, keeping sustainable practices in mind. Shop from the collection- Flowy maxi skirts, Polo knitted sweaters, Midi dresses, Boxy blazers, and more online.


A bold pair of earrings, a stylish beanie, a smart scarf, or a layered necklace finish off any ensemble. Take it a step further and pick a phone case with a pattern, a leather wallet, or a branded bag, and a lot more on the website with affordable prices.

Saving Hacks of The Brand

  1. NA-KD shipping policy

When you shop for $100 you can get free shipping.

  1. How much discount can you get if you subscribe to the newsletter of the brand?

You can get an extra 10% off when you subscribe to the email newsletter

  1.   Does the brand offer special discounts for students?

Yes, the brand does have an extra 10% off specifically for students through UniDAYS after you verify your status.

  1. Will NA-KD allow us to save even more money?
    Yes, you may save even more money by browsing their “pre-owned” area, which offers reduced second-hand goods.

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